Tennis, Part I

So, do I challenge my 16-year-old son to a game of tennis before I start my chemotherapy treatment next Wednesday? If I do, I’ll be giving him an opportunity to beat me and he hasn’t managed to do that in the few years we’ve been playing each other.

I was determined not to lose to him while I was still in my 40s. Once I reached 50, I thought, I’d relax and be happy for him to walk off court victorious at the end of the matchtennis-ball-11-402x306. But here I am at 52, still holding on. To be fair to my son, we don’t play each other often and the last time we did play he was in lead when rain stopped play. I said a silent thank you to the rain gods that day. That was a good few months ago. Now I’m in two minds. Do I challenge him to a match or do I leave well alone?

The same goes for my other son, who’s almost 15. On the one hand, I’d love both of them to beat me. They’re both taller than me now, and much stronger and fitter… and it’d be proof that all that money spent on tennis lessons over the years was worth it! On the other hand, once they do, that’s it, isn’t it? There’ll be no going back, breast cancer or not.

Any thoughts?


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