Naming your blog

I really do wish I hadn’t named this blog I am the one in eight.

At the time I thought it sounded clever. Now I just think it sounds self-pitying and, casserolewhile I’m as good at that as the next person, it’s really not me.

Now I wish I’d called it something much more positive like Not a misery memoir or, catching the zeitgeist and much more me, This girl can.


6 thoughts on “Naming your blog

  1. Don’t worry, we all know what you’re made of – how many people can say they’ve taken on the Atlantic & enjoyed every minute of it?! As Shakespeare said: ‘What’s in a name?’

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  2. I think it’s an absolutely fine and appropriate name. I didn’t get self pity from it at all. It’s a statistic worth highlighting in my opinion.
    Anyway it’s your blog do do what you want and call it what you want.

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  3. Don’t worry Maureen — when they buy the rights for the best-selling book and blockbuster movie you can change the title! The question is who should play you in the film? I’m thinking Heidi Klum….


    • Loving the idea, Vic. Heidi Klum? Guessing you chose her more because of her super-cool way of dealing with Donald Trump’s ridiculous sexist remark than because of any similarities in the way we look. Flattered either way.


  4. Sorry Maureen as you can tell I am catching up on the blog post holiday. I think the name is cool and not sure if this really helps but it keeps giving me the earworm of ‘I am the one in ten’ by UB40.

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