A series of firsts

I’ve experienced a plethora of firsts over the past few weeks. Here’s a little selection.

nuclear med loo

Nuclear medicine loo

For use by patients having bone scans, for example, which involve a small amount of radioactive material being injected into one’s vein. The separate loo is to help prevent radioactive contamination from nuclear medicine patients using hospital toilet facilities. And yes, I did use it the day I had my bone scan.

carrots 2

A constant supply of peeled carrots

So that I reach for something healthy rather than for biscuits or chocolate when I feel like a snack.

Steroids for breakfast

I knew I’d been taking dexamethasone to help prevent post-chemo nausea but I really didn’t think of it as having “steroids for breakfast”. It wasn’t until the oncologist warned me a couple of days ago that “Fatigue might be a little worse tomorrow as you will have no steroids for breakfast” that it hit home. I guess I’m stuffed if they start random drug testing at the tennis club. Thankfully, the fatigue didn’t get any worse and is still at bay.

Wigswig stand

A story for another day, but suffice to say yesterday’s hot date with my husband to the wig shop was a big success. A wig was duly purchased. It’s still in its box, but we’re making good use of the wig stand.


4 thoughts on “A series of firsts

  1. Glad the fatigue didn’t get any worse despite you not having your morning fix.

    Re the random drug testing at the tennis club. I am sure that if you have enough spare cash and the correct (or wrong) coach, you could take a cocktail of other drugs (sorry, even more drugs) to mask the detection of the first set!! Might also help you beat Jamie 🙂

    Take care



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