Appointments, appointments, appointments

Breast cancer-related appointments between now and mid-September:

Monday 24th August – appointment to look at wigs at the London branch of Trendco, “one of the UK’s largest alternative hair suppliers”. There’s no guarantee against hair loss with scalp cooling and, as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Friday 28th August – blood test at hospital to check white blood cell levels.

Tuesday 1st September am – pre 2nd chemo cycle review with oncologist & pre 2nd chemo cycle blood tests.

Tuesday 1st September pm – Look Good, Feel Better workshop, a two-hour skincare and make-up session “to help women and teenagers combat the visible side-effects of cancer treatment at what can be a very difficult time in their lives.  We aim to help them literally look good and feel better”. lgfb-logo It seems my days of being the woman who has always worn as little make-up as she could get away with are finally over! I have to admit I am so grateful this charity exists as while I think I can cope with the head hair loss, I am struggling to imagine life eyebrowless and eyelashless.

Wednesday 2nd September – 2nd chemo session, assuming blood tests ok.

Wednesday 9th September – MRI scan to check progress after 2nd chemo session.

Monday 14th September am – pre 3rd chemo cycle review with oncologist to review MRI scan results.

Monday 14th September am – workshop on The Effectiveness of Mindfulness organised by the hospital. Can’t do any harm, I reckon.

Tuesday 15th September – workshop on Diet and Cancer organised by the hospital. Healthy eating is one thing but I just can’t bring myself to start juicing. It’s just not me, but I will listen very carefully regardless of what they say.

Wednesday 16th September – 3rd chemo session, on same regimen if MRI scan shows expected progress. Regimen change if not.

Husband and boys have gone camping in Sussex for the weekend and so I am writing this while enjoying a peaceful weekend at home. Posting now as I’m off to switch on the tv and watch Mo Farah hopefully win the 10,000m race at the World Championships in Beijing. Fingers crossed. Go, Mo! (Him and me both, I guess.)

3 thoughts on “Appointments, appointments, appointments

  1. I am learning something new every time I read your blog.

    It’s great you are able to attend these workshops as you’ll be mixing with people who truly understand what you are going through.

    Onwards and upwards! X

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  2. Trendco is great -went there with my friend for a wig -pricey but they are very helpful. Hang in there. I am at St Georges if you are having treatment at The Rose Centre and Trevor Howell -I can pop up and see you.


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