The ups and downs of today

The good news from today:

  • blood test results were “perfect”, which means I’m on track for my next chemo session
  • the couple of painful mouth ulcers I’ve had for the past couple of days are well on the wane.

However, this has been by far the roughest day to date. I went to bed last night with a headache, woke up this morning with an even worse one feeling really tired, and only hauled myself out of bed because I had the blood test appointment at the hospital this afternoon. I told them I wasn’t feeling well and they checked me over (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation), and while a couple of measurements were slightly higher or lower than the normal range, “nothing screamed infection”. So once they’d seen the blood test results were fine, they sent me home with instructions to take lots of painkillers and lots of fluids and to have lots of rest.

20150828_213952I drove back home, whereupon I was immediately sick. I took some painkillers, hauled myself back to bed and managed to sleep. I have to say it felt just like food poisoning. Perhaps it was food poisoning. Either way, a few hours later, I am feeling more or less fine, having just eaten a boiled egg and toast (both done to perfection by lovely husband), washed down with a glass of elderflower and apple juice, my new Friday night tipple.


6 thoughts on “The ups and downs of today

  1. Who needs wine when you can have apple and elderflower Copella?! Glad you’re feeling a bit better, and to hear that Andy has his boiled eggs down to a tee.
    Jane xx

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