I feel like I’m on speed

So I woke up this morning at around 7.30, and felt AMAZING compared with yesterday. I got up straight away, offered to make younger son poached eggs for breakfast (he said no but at least I offered), put a washing on, got food out of the freezer for supper, fired off an irate email to someone who’d sent us a final demand for a bill without having sent us the original bill in the first place then wrote emails to colleagues I’d seen yesterday to say how lovely it was to see them.

This was a different person to the one who woke up yesterday and for whom it was a real struggle even to get in the shower. As I sat on the couch in my dressing gown wondering how on earth I was going to make it through the day, I thought I won’t be able to take many days like this. So a million thanks to the friend/colleague who persuaded me to come in to the office for the lunch that I’d been really looking forward to but was now dreading. It was of course great to see everyone. Getting out and talking about normal things was just what I needed.

Then later today, I realised I’d felt much the same at exactly this point after my first round of chemo. In fact I even wrote about it (The moulting has begun, 7 September). What a relief to know it’s part of a pattern. Next time I’ll recognise it for what it is and be able to manage it so much better.

The rest of the day continued to go well. I had a walk and a coffee on the local common with a friend, I met up with some friends who’d been playing tennis, mayoI did lots of little tasks round the house and we had a barbecue later on. I even made home-made mayonnaise, which believe it or not was a first for me. I did use a blender, but then again I did make industrial quantities of the stuff.

One of my brothers called and, as I related the day to him, I said I felt like I was on speed. No, he said, that’s the normal you! Yesterday morning I honestly thought I’d never feel normal again.

Bring on the weekend!


8 thoughts on “I feel like I’m on speed

  1. Hi Maureen – just been catching up with your posts and it sounds like a bit of a roller coaster recently but glad to hear you were feeling good yesterday and even being a domestic goddess with the mayo. Kx


  2. Hi Big Sis

    No idea what normal is either, if there is a normal, but here’s hoping your going to have thousands more “normal” days….bring them all on. Looking forward to our next normal walk then which is basically me practically running to keep up with you walking………
    Take care
    Stephen xo


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