It’s not all bad

If I hadn’t had a cancer diagnosis, I wouldn’t be sitting here now feeling  cherished in my parents’ flat in Glasgow where I’ve come for a couple of days because I’m feeling ok after that third round of chemo last Wednesday. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this in the bed that my dad lovingly made up for me last night, counting my blessings as my mum cooks me bacon and eggs in the kitchen.

If I hadn’t had a cancer diagnosis, I wouldn’t have got back in touch with friends I hadn’t been in contact with for years because life is normally just so darn busy.

If I hadn’t had a cancer diagnosis, my many friends – and something like this makes you realise just how many friends you have – might never have felt the need to tell me they consider me to be strong, determined, resilient, courageous, focussed and a fighter. I’m not sure the cancer cares about any of that, but it’s good to feel the love!

And if I didn’t already know what a rock my husband is, I certainly do now.

2015-dcsf-murrays-700x300-gettyAnd if I hadn’t come up to Glasgow this weekend, I wouldn’t have got tickets for the final day of the Davis Cup semi-final and I wouldn’t be sitting here now looking forward to going to see Andy Murray in a few hours hopefully take Great Britain into the finals of the tennis world cup for the first time since 1978!

And I wouldn’t be looking forward to seeing my brothers and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews and some old school friends before I go back to London to see my own two lovely boys again on Tuesday.

A cancer diagnosis turns your life upside down, but once things settle down and you take stock, you realise there’s a lot to be thankful for. I clearly wish my cancer had been caught sooner, but the bottom line surely has to be that it’s being treated with curative intent. Given that and all of the above, I am very much aware that things could be a lot worse.

5 thoughts on “It’s not all bad

  1. Glad to hear you are three treatments down. Reading your blog brings back so many memories – some good, some not so!!! Hair – major thing for us ladies no matter what anyone else says. I too wondered if people could tell I was wearing a wig and were too kind to tell me. But what does it matter? Just over a year since my chemo finished and my hair is better than before. Great result for gb today in tennis – it I a sign. Keep going you are doing brilliantly xx


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