Note to self – keep your toes covered when trying on shoes

I fear I left a sales assistant in a shoe shop traumatised the other day by exposing her to my chemo-damaged toenails.

The poor woman had brought some shoes for me to try on and had bent down near my feet to take them out of the box. I whipped off my socks to put on those foot stockings they give you and realised too late, much to my embarrassment, that I’d forgotten just what a dreadful state my nails were in.

Chemotherapy can damage your nails. With me, one toenail has fallen off, another nail is about to come off and most of the other nails are bruised and/or discoloured; the nails on the big toes are particularly colourful. I briefly thought of explaining to the sales assistant that I’d been on chemo, blah, blah, blah, but decided that might just make it worse.

I’ve been told my toenails are “not bad” or “not too bad” by various people at the centre where I’m being treated who’ve clearly seen a lot worse. Believe me, though, the nails are pretty revolting. I’ve taken a photo but it’s too gross to post.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t buy the shoes… but I did buy some boots. So all’s well that ends well, for me at least. I can’t speak for the poor sales assistant.


One thought on “Note to self – keep your toes covered when trying on shoes

  1. I have read all your posts from start to finish and wept, and laughed, and been affronted on your behalf all the way through. What a marvellous, strong, hilarious, insightful, gutsy woman you are – and of course a brilliant, (as always) writer. I’m not sure how the big ‘C’ had the audacity to enter your world – but I’m willing you 24/7 to completely bash it to oblivion – and know you will. Lindsey

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