“Are you happy with the size?”

“Are you happy with the size?” Of all the questions I’ve been asked by the various healthcare professionals I’ve seen since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of July, this has to be the best. It came from the consultant plastic surgeon who, in less than a week’s time, immediately after I’ve had my mastectomy and the lymph nodes in and around the right armpit removed, is going to reconstruct my right boob out of my own tummy fat.

fake boobsSo, am I happy with the size? Well, yes. I’ve always taken the view that they are what they are so there was no point worrying about whether I’d like them bigger or smaller. I’m quite fond of them as they are. In fact, I like them so damn much, I’d happily keep both forever. But that’s not possible. For obvious reasons, the right one has to go. I’m sure I’ll miss it when it does.

“Don’t even think about touching the good one” was my initial thought when the plastic surgeon put the question to me during my first appointment with her a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t say that, though. I just said something like “yes, I think so”, and left it at that. I was intrigued, though, and asked about it when I met the surgeon again last Tuesday to go over any remaining questions I had about the operation (19 December – it’s official & Immediate reconstruction – the decision is made) and recovery. It seems some women take the opportunity to have the healthy one made bigger or smaller and then the reconstructed one is made to match. Others, like me, just want the healthy breast left alone.

Thinking about it during the drive home, I realised that while the plastic surgeon mentioned the possibility of breast reduction and augmentation, she didn’t make any mention of a lift – or if she did it didn’t click. Now there’s a thought…


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