The basics

I could write a book about the last 36 hours alone but instead I’ll just give you basics.

I have been out of intensive care since around two o’clock this afternoon. The plastic surgeon came in the morning and declared herself happy with things, saying it had all gone “very smoothly”. There’s a lot of bruising but the reconstruction looks quite amazing. The breast surgeon managed to spare the nipple, at least for the time being. I’ll get the results on whether that can stay or not, on how much cancer was left in the original breast and how much was in the lymph nodes in one to two weeks’ time.

Andy came to visit this morning just as I was about to try and get out of bed for the first time. They let him see me for two minutes then shooed him off to the waiting area so they could get on with things.

It took a massive effort just to get into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. I was sweating buckets within seconds. Standing up was ok, as was shuffling four steps sideways to the chair and sitting down. However, I started to feel dizzy within seconds of sitting down, closed my eyes and started taking deep breaths… then fainted. It was just for a few seconds. I came round to see the outstretched hands of three intensive care nurses who would have made sure I didn’t fall off the chair.

I managed to sit in the chair for the designated ten minutes and then retraced my steps and get back into bed; there was no fainting on the return journey. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but that’s another hurdle passed. Andy said when he came back, I’d changed colour.

I had been warned it would be hard. The plastic surgeon had told me twice “you’ll feel like you’re 105 the first time you get out of bed” but explained it was important to do it on the first day. Tomorrow apparently I’ll be up and walking. Great, but hard to believe at the moment.

I’m still on loads of painkillers but I’m taking all of these by mouth now, except the morphine, which I still self administer via a drip as and when needed. To be honest, I haven’t used it that much today. I did of course use as much as I was allowed for the getting out of bed event.

What else?

Well Andy came back earlier this evening, this time with the boys, which was lovely.

My potassium levels are low so I’ve been given Nutrisip “oral nutritional supplements” to drink. They’re seriously revolting.

The physio’s been round, and has given me lots of exercises to do.

I’m now on two-hourly checks. Luxury! Night, night.



3 thoughts on “The basics

  1. Hi Maureen! Glad you’re through the op and that it seems as if it was a success. Here’s to getting better now. Lots of love. M & F. X


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