Homeward bound on Christmas Eve

It looks like I’ll be going home tomorrow.

I should be cheering. I am cheering, really. However, I am so far from being able to cope on my own that it’s also quite a daunting prospect. It’s a small room in here and it’s a big world out there. But I’ve been assured that as long as I have a lot of support at home, I’ll be fine.

So thank goodness for Andy, Jamie and Finlay!

Those of you who are chuckling scepticallly should be ashamed of yourselves ;-).

The fluid bottle

Andy has already had shown his mettle by rinsing through my post-op bra the other evening here at the hospital; it was stained with body fluids that had leaked from the drain site under my arm (the marriage contract did say for better or worse, honey). That might be too much information for some of you but the story really is too good not to share, especially as you all already know how squeamish Andy is.

As for Jamie, I’m looking forward to him serving up some of his famed poached eggs and toast and his prawn and chorizo risotto (though hopefully not on the same plate). And I can see Finlay’s yummy yoghurt, dried fruit and honey combo becoming a bit of a breakfast staple. And I’d almost forgotten his delicious penne carbonara.

The boys will no doubt use my limited mobility as an excuse to have suppers in front of the telly. I guess we can live with that for a bit.

So what has happened over the past day-and-a-half that means I’m ready to go home?

Well another drain was removed today, as was the remaining cannula (look it up if you’ve forgotten, folks, I’ve explained it before). I now have just one remaining “attachment” – the drain under my right arm and that’s coming out tomorrow.

Also, I’m much more mobile. The physiotherapist arrived shortly after breakfast this morning and we went for a walk. We went up and down a flight of stairs and once she’d seen I was fine doing that, she declared I was mobile enough to be discharged. I did the stairs again later for reassurance – this time with Jamie and Finlay as escorts. The right arm and shoulder mobility exercises are also going well.

Finally, both surgeons are pleased with the reconstruction and my various associated wounds.

What else? I’ve to try and have a shower tomorrow morning, and I guess then I’ll have to try and dry and dress myself. I can see all that taking a long time. Even the thought of it brings me out in a sweat. If/once I manage, though, I guess I’ll be all set.

So all going well, I’ll be homeward bound on Christmas Eve. Bring it on!



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