In-hospital weight gain was not in the plan

weight omgI came out of hospital three kilos heavier than when I went in.

How on earth did that happen, especially when I had my right breast* and plenty of other tissue removed?

Maybe it’s some weird practical joke the surgeons play; they bury some weights inside before they sew you up for a bit of a laugh. Or maybe it has more to do with the fact that I was eating more or less normally from right after the op but was also on fluids for the first three days I was in hospital and was more or less immobile and not burning any calories the whole five days I was there. Or maybe there’s some other reason of which I’m not aware.

Whatever the reason, in-hospital weight gain was not in my plan. I’d lost 4 – 5 kg in the past few months (Immediate reconstruction – the decision is made) and had been thinking that if there was one good thing I’d got out of this damn thing, it was that I’d lost some weight without even trying.

So much for that. And it doesn’t help that it’s Christmas…

*Ever wondered how much a breast weighs? The one they removed from me weighed 700g.




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