My A to Z of the past seven months

It didn’t take me long to put together this A to Z of the past seven months. It’s just a random snapshot. I didn’t think about it too much. If I’d done it an hour earlier, it would have been different. An hour later, it would be different again.

A: anxiety, appointments, antibiotics, appreciation, awe, Andy

B: bald, blanket, bike, blogging*, Breast Cancer Care

C: consultants, chemotherapy, cellulitis, compassion, confusion, children, Christmas

D: drugs, dying, decisions, dad

E: exercises, emotions

F: flowers, fear, fate, family, friendship, fellow travellers

G: Glasgow, Google, grateful

H: hospital, hope, humour

I: inadequacy, ignorance, injections

J: journey

K: kindness

L: letrozole, lymph nodes, life, laughter, love, luck, laptop

M: mastectomy, MRIs

N: needles, numbness

O: operation

P: Paris, panic, physiotherapy

Q: questions

R: radiotherapy, results, recurrence (worrying about), resilience, relief, rest, recovery, reconstruction, Ruth

S: surgeons, surgery, scars, scans, shock, sadness, smiles, Scrabble, Sugar Loaf

T: tiredness, tears, tennis

U: ultrasound, underwear

V: veins, visitors, victory

W: worry, wigs, writing, walks, wishes, Wimbledon

X: x-rays

Y: yesterday, yearning

Z: zoledronic acid.

That’s a bit of a weak finish but everyone always struggles with Z.

*My posts are already becoming less frequent and I guess I’ll stop blogging at some point. I’m not there yet, though. Follow me if you want to be notified when I post something new.


3 thoughts on “My A to Z of the past seven months

  1. Maureen – Hi its Barbara here from MF course. I spent a happy hour reading through your blog (that sounds wrong but it put into words so many of the experiences and emotions I have had over the last year). I’m so in awe of your cycling and tennis – I must find an exercise that works for me and doesn’t aggravate the Letrozole legs! Went to the barbers on Weds and got a Judi Dench which got rid of all the dry and wispy bits. Here’s to the new image.
    I live in Mitcham so we are quite close – fancy a coffee or something stronger sometime? Wimbledon or Tooting?
    Barbara xx


  2. A-Z of so many contrasting emotions. Thanks for being so honest about everything. Don’t know about your other blog followers, but I feel much better ‘educated’ now. It’s been very enlightening.


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