My name is Maureen Kenny. I’m 52, I have a husband and two teenage sons and I have a great job. I’m originally from Glasgow but have lived in south London for around 25 years, and I’ve been diagnosed with primary breast cancer.

The cancer is at an early enough stage to be curable, so I consider myself lucky. To say the diagnosis knocked me for six is an understatement. Breast cancer now apparently affects one in eight women (thus the name of my blog), but you never think the one will be youmaureen garden.

When you’re first diagnosed, a million thoughts start swirling round your head. So late the other night, I decided I’d jot a few of them down. Before I knew it, it was 2.40am and I’d written four “chapters”. But rather than feel tired, I felt calmer than I’d done in days. Then, I thought, why not share it all? So once I start treatment, I’ll be killing two birds with the one stone. It’ll be therapeutic and it’ll save me from having to tell lots of different people much the same thing over and over again.

So if you want to share the ride and support me during the months ahead, read on. I plan to be frank but I’ll try not to make it too bleak. I’m sure there’ll be a few laughs along the way.


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  1. Thank you Maureen – this is great and so heartfelt. I’ll be thinking of you when you start your treatment on Wednesday and keeping everything crossed over the coming months. Take care and be strong. Love Karen xx


  2. Go Maureen! it will be hard slog, but you will get there and look back on this as another if your challenges! Thinking of you!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Maureen! You’re an absolute inspiration and we are here for you all the way!!! Tons of love, courage and admiration xx


  4. I’m glad you’re OK. I’m sure others will find your blog comforting. I have 3 great friends who are breast cancer survivors and they’re enjoying life post treatment. Stay strong and look after yourself. We’re thinking of you all and send lots of love, The Wilsons


  5. Sorry to hear Maureen I am sure your are a strong enough person to come through it safe and well
    If you start losing your hair start dressing up like you all use to do at your Grans flat in Tollcross Road

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  6. Hi Maureen
    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis but your positivity is amazing and it looks like you have wonderful support from loving family and friends.
    I wish you all the best for the rest of your treatment and send you lots of love and luck for the future.
    Carol-ann (was Campbell) x


  7. Gosh, thanks for letting us know, Maureen. I now know more and more of the one-in-eight. Big hugs and positive energy going your way as you tackle this next challenge.


  8. And we were just talking of you today – I’m James Loughlin’s wee sister’s husband (the ones fae across the road fae Des…). We never met, but my wife, Aileen, and I were out with some friends from her/your school years and they were reminiscing, remembering those days. Stay strong.


  9. Hi Maureen,
    Congratulations you have had your last treatment, I know what a huge deal this is. You have done well.
    Yes you have other problems now but lets hope they go soon.

    Thinking about you.


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