The least sexy washing line ever

It occurred to me as I hung up some items of clothing to dry over the radiatior rail that this was possibly the least sexy washing line ever. Check out the photo below… I’m telling you, with breast cancer it really is all glamour.

Starting from the left, we have:

20151225_090653Item 1: the wig liner, to stop your wig sliding round your head.

Item 2: the post-op bra, to support your reconstructed boob. Look at the SIZE of that thing! Andy reckons you could use it to transport bricks.

Item 3: the anti-DVT socks/stockings, to be worn 24/7 for the first week after the op then during the day for another two weeks.

Item 4: the compression knickers, to stop you feeling like your insides are going to fall out through your abdominal scar.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, I know and I do apologise… the bra and pants don’t match.



2 thoughts on “The least sexy washing line ever

  1. I love your humour Maureen! So glad you’re home and hanging out the washing. Hope Christmas was nice and you’re feeling ok


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